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!! Thanks to Everyone for BLACKOUT !!

675 people that was just NUTZ!!! Trillions of thanks to everyone for attending, working and supporting our 5th edition of ROAR Los Angeles: BLACKOUT!!! Special thanks to Darren & Doug from Gay Almanac for getting the word out our date followed ABGT 500 and independently selling over 200 tickets. Thanks to Joe Gauthreaux for his ttanic return to LA delivering a classic 8 hour extended circuit set making the tranistion from Trance to Tribal a journey everuone could take. Thanks to the venue for working hard along side us all night to get as many people as we could in while ensuring no one with a ticket had to wait. Lastly to our team supreme Abel, Anthony, Patti and Gracie at the Door, Marky Make-Up, Mario Sandoval & 3DX Miami on decor an desiging our "VIP AREA" , Robert Harper on lasers, Chris Perry's Sonic Sound & Stage for added lights, Gary Wallen for manning the clothes check all night long, Shokra, Uriel & Glibert for designing and adrining those knockout Blackout neone splatter paint dancer costimes through four long sets.My copy of resolume wasn' cooperating so i put black holes on the video screens last minute...they seem to have worked out.

We are planing a BLACKOUT the Sequel before the end of the year and working on a 3 DJ event from Reflex past "The LORDS of the DRUMS" on Jaunaury 28, 2023 the night we did XXX-Man last year. This was our first ROAR that we didn't present under the shadow of Delta, Omnicrom or Monkey was getting to the point I wanted to change the name to "OUTBREAK" (LOL)

Thanks again have a Safe and Happy Halloween and Palm Springs Pride.
- Michael


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